About Me
About Me

TV International Psychic Medium

I have worked with people from all over the globe for many years now. They come from every walk of life and situation you can imagine. My intention is always to give an honest insight into their life’s experience and to appreciate, and validate each one of them without judgments.

All sessions are treated with confidentiality.

I have worked in television in UK and abroad for over 10 years, which involved personal readings, crime investigations, Psychic challenges, and dealing with all manner of problems relating to peoples lives’.  From time to time I have also held workshops, classes in spiritual development and given theatre performances.

Working with people as a Psychic Medium and Spiritual counselor is my life’s work and I take it seriously.

Over the last few years I have worked extensively with the STB’s TV channel. I Became finalist in:

‘Battle of the Psychics’ Season 7, and  ‘Battle of the Titans’ Season 10;  also filming in their ‘Psychic Investigation Series’ for over 4 years and the day time domestic TV programs  ‘Everything will be OK’.

These programs are viewed all over the world.