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spiritual medium

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THE READING - How it works

A private reading session is scheduled for one person, but up to four people may attend the same session. It is however advisable that all participants (sitters) are related or looking to connect with the same family.

Video or Audio taping is not allowed but note taking is suggested. This is for in person readings, Video calls, Skype or over the phone readings as well. 

(Please know that fees are subject to change over time).

Everyone needs support and insight at different times in their lives.

They feel so locked in their emotions and fears to see clearly the path ahead and get stuck on how to make the right choices.They may also be wishing to connect to a loved one, a friend, or family member who have passed, and they so often have messages of comfort or guidance for you.

As a Channel I will assist you in the session to have the insight to see the bigger picture of your life, past, present and potential future. This allows you self-empowerment to move forward and see where you are going.

I can also look into your past lives and see the correlation relating to your current life’s pattern.


This is a skill that can be learned for your energetic survival. It is a state of being that has to be constantly worked on within you. It is about your mind set and approach to everything.  

It is good to learn to be constantly aware of your feelings and emotions within yourself and check, are all these emotions your own or another's?  It is necessary to protect yourself not to be adversely affected by people and situations around you as much as possible.

Of course there are moments in our lives where situations are extreme and it's very difficult to have the detachment necessary to cope and constructively get through it, in order to help yourself and others through the circumstances you find yourselves in.

However, you are for example a doctor, nurse, psychotherapist, or your work is with people in any close emotional and life challenging situations. You are dealing with people’s anxieties, illnesses, trauma, or any manner of difficult circumstances; all these things bring strong and often negative emotions, which can overwhelm you. 

If you allow yourself to internally take on all the negative emotions from other people you lose your own personal power and internalise these things.   This then affects you physically and emotionally, stressing your nervous system, eventually affecting your general well-being and even physical health. 

If you allow yourself to internalise all these things you are unable then to be objective, or to be detached enough, to constructively and in the right way assist the very people you are wishing to help.

Know that you can care about, take care of, have compassion for people, and constructively and appropriately, help, guide, and provide whatever is necessary to achieve the results they need without you being adversely affected in a negative way.  

This approach applies not only to those of you who work closely with people but it applies to every day life's situations.  

It is advisable to learn self-strength, courage, and a positive way of thinking.  It is a challenge to be worked on constantly every single day. Don't be afraid to try, keep going, and never give up. Never stop dreaming or striving for your goals. There is always hope, there is always another way. When you believe this deeply from within you, you find you are stronger and more steadfast to get through almost anything, even the most difficult of situations.

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