Universal connection and knowing is always present, you only have to look and feel it to know its knowledge.

Everything that ever was or going to be is now!

As you learn to swim in the sea of universal energy you connect to the time lines of existence.  This enables you to see with your vision and know with your being information on anything you allow yourself to perceive.

Depending upon the conditions of energy you are being influenced by in any present moment this governs your ability to perceive the information and the extent to which you see the details of it.  However you can if you allow and train yourself to know anything at any time.  It is your own self-belief and ability to let go of the barriers within your mind that allow you to see all.
By allowing yourself to feel, to perceive the energy that builds and flows within your being you can read the channels of information that are constantly presented for you to know.

Imagine if you will that you are a ball of free flowing energy with tentacles able to reach and touch any moments in time, past present or future.  Look with your mind’s eye at the colours that flow in that movement and allow yourself to follow its path; it will take you to many wonderful places of experience.  It will show you details which you can absorb or express.

Your experience of this information and ability to know its truth depends upon your soul’s maturity to understand.  It is at the soul level that we have the ability to see and know knowledge, and the extent of how it is perceived and can be expressed.  It makes the difference to the level of our understanding of what we are looking at or wishing to connect to.  Like a child that holds a book filled with wisdom and knowledge,  it will perceive the same information quite differently to that of the adult who has a much wider vision and can see the deeper meaning of the information contained within it.