Hello Anna, thank you for e-mailing me back, YES would love to know the dates of your next shows in Kidderminster, myself and my friend will be there. We cannot wait to see you, roll on next year.
Dear Anna, my partner and I attended the show at the Rose last night. Had an amazing time, genuinely impressed, and you made some people very happy. I was just wondering, as I see you live in Malvern, do you do 1-2-1 personal readings? If so, how much would it be and for how long - enquiring on behalf of my partner. Best wishes, and thanks again for a fab night last night!
Hi, I saw you on Thursday 25th March at the Rose Theatre, Kidderminster, and loved it. Just wanted to know how often you do an evening of mediumship there, as we would love to come and see you again. We love you and what you do.
Thank you for the amazing reading by skype on Saturday, I felt like a different person afterwards. I received so much spirit assistance that I have now a big grin inside me most of the time and have been given the strength to begin turning my life around - quite extraordinary and wonderful - I'd forgotten how much they can do! I have already recommended you to many people and will continue to do so, as there are so many people who need the help you can give.
Jude, USA
Hello, I came to see you 3 months ago, I had never before had a consultation with a Psychic Medium,  and I came to see you on recommendation in a final effort to free an innocent man from prison. You gave me such detailed information on the situation, I was able to return to the court and give new evidence. I wanted you to know that recently this man has been released and returned to his family. The experience and outcome has made quite an impression on me, I am a logical man and did not realize how you could help, but you did, thank you so much from myself and the family who now have their father and husband returned.
M., Lithuania
Hello Anna I came to see you yesterday with such fear, and I had no idea how to deal with the difficult situations in my family that I have been suffering for years.  You somehow gave me the opportunity to see how I can change my life and even to help my family.  I know now that I do not have a curse and why I was having the nightmares.  Many thanks for the message from my mother who died last year, she told me so clearly what I needed to know, and that she was happy I sold the house and made her proud.  I will do as she asked and go to the church, I know exactly now what to do, I have lost my fear, thank you.
Alexander, Kiev